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Inspection and re-packaging

1. Inspection Costs


We provide free product inspection service, we will inspect the quantity, color, size and apparent condition etc. of the product. (excluding special products, such as tablet PCs, mobile phones, communications products, whose quality problem cannot be identified at a glance).


2. Re-Packaging Services


The Re-Packaging Service for a each shipment is RMB 10 For example, if you purchase five goods in different shops with a total weight of 5kg, WIWAA staff will repackage all goods in order to reduce the weight after you submit the shipment. The total weight of five goods possibly will change from 5kg to be 4kg. We will return the freight of reduced 1kg to your member account. For repacking service , we do not provide services repacking original packing item , we only repacking unnecessary package to reduce parcel weight.


3. Vacuum Packaging Services


If you purchase dolls (stuffed toys) with relatively large sizes, you may require vacuum packaging to reduce the volume and weight. Each package charges RMB 20. Please contact customer service for vacuum packaging.