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Weight calculation rules

1.    Chargeable Weight

The weight or volumetric weight you see for each order is weighed or measured at their minimum individual package. When you submit to ship out, all the individual orders will be consolidated into one single parcel. There will be extra weight incurred by the packaging material or extra space occupied due to the small gaps between items. Normally the final chargeable weight of the whole parcel is around 1.1 times the sum of each item’s actual weight or volumetric weight. Every parcel's chargeable weight will be verified again after final packaging is done.

After the goods weighing, the goods weight filled in order is: Goods actual weight + Packing weight estimates.

Weight estimate done by our senior employees, and it is usually very close to the real goods weight. If estimated weight exceeding the weight after packaging, we will return the spare money to your account.

2.    Volumetric weight(Big weight gap)

For international shipping practice, the volumetric weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the item – the higher weight is used to calculate shipping cost.

The formula to calculate volumetric weight is: Volumetric weight (kg) = length x height x width (cm)/ 6,000
The formula to calculate USA volumetric weight is Volumetric weight (kg) = length x height x width (cm)/ 5,000

Please note that normally the weight indicated on seller's webpage is the actual weight. You need to pay special attention to the dimensions of bulky items like soft or plastic toys, diapers, pillows, chairs, crystal lights, bicycles, etc. Sometimes the shipping cost can be even higher than the value of the product itself. It is advised to check the dimension with sellers directly or seek for our help.

Weight calculation method: 500g as the smallest unit of weight, less than 500g by 500g to calculate.

For example: the goods weight is 1.7 KG as 2 KG weight to calculate.