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Purchase Cost and Time

Total purchase cost = Product cost + International freight + Service cost


Product cost: Product price


Chinese domestic freightThe fees for transporting products from the seller’s location to WIWAA warehouse. In either of the following circumstances, the domestic freight can be exempted:

1) If the seller offers free shipping for the products you purchased, you don’t have to pay Chinese domestic freight. Or

2) If you participate in free shipping activities held by WIWAA, and the activities indicate free Chinese domestic freight.


International freight: Freight calculated according to your product weight, selected shipping method, and shipping destination, as well as customs clearance fees. Please check the freight list.


Service charge = (product price + international freight)*5%  




If you want to buy product A:

Product price of A is: RMB 100;

Chinese domestic freight of A is: RMB 10;

International freight of A is: RMB 30;

Service charge of A = (100+30)*5%= RMB 6.5;

Total purchase cost of A =100+10+30+6.50= RMB 146.5