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Order & shipment status

Check your order and shipment status through “Purchase History”-> “My Order” and “My Shipment”


Order status

    Pending*: Initial status of the order after being submitted.Procurement department will be process order within 24hours.

    Processing: The purchasing agent is ordering product from the merchant  

    Shipped: The product has been ordered and is being shipped to the warehouse 

    Arrived: The product has arrived at the warehouse of WIWAA


Invalid order*    

    The order is cancelled by the member;

Wrong product URL provided by the member;

Name and price of actual product are inconsistent with those specified in the order;

    No picture and description or vague description of real product;

    Virtual product, prohibited product, etc.


Shipment status

   Pending: Initial status of the shipment after being submitted;

    Processing: The product is being packaged by the purchasing agent and shipping soon  

    Delivered: The warehouse is processing shipment, sending the product out and packaging   

    Received: The parcel is received by the member


(Reminder: You can delete orders/shipments marked with *, and the expenses will be refunded to your account automatically after that.)


You can inquire about the parcel delivered at the official website. As there are always one or two days delay in updating air shipments, please inquire after a few days if your parcel is just sent out. You can leave a message online or dial the customer service number of WIWAA to inquire about the parcel status.