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Grab Your 6th Anniversary Ang Pao Today

Grab Your 6th Wiwaa Ang Pao Today

Campaign period : 18-09-2017 - 20-09-2017
1.Each customer is allow to draw 2 times each day.
2.Each draw, system will random gift random amount of shopping voucher.
3.Shopping voucher only valid for 30 days.
4. 4 different amount of Ang Pao which are RM6,RM16,RM66 and RM166 will be random gift.
5.Minimum spend RM100 to use the RM6 shopping voucher.
   Minimum spend RM300 to use the RM16 shopping voucher.
   Minimum spend RM500 to use the RM66 shopping voucher.
   Minimum spend RM700 to use the RM166 shopping voucer.
6.Each order only valid to use one shopping voucher.
7. Wiwaa reserve the right to make any changes of terms and conditions and promotions without prior notice.